Palliative care shall be accessible to any person at an advanced or terminal stage of a serious and incurable condition, whichever maybe the cause of it.

Palliative care is active care provided to a person at the end of life.

This care respects the dignity and the choices of the person at the end of life. It is delivered in an active, continuous and coordinated fashion by a cross-disciplinary team: doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, physiotherapist …

The aim of palliative care is:

  • relieve pain and other inconvenient symptoms,
  • integrate psychological and spiritual aspects to the treatment,
  • offer a support system to help families and relatives deal with the illness,
  • manage to improve the quality of life for the person at the end of life, as well as for their relatives.

Omega 90

Omega 90 is the Luxembourgish society for palliative care and accompaniment of persons at the end of life and grieving persons.
It organizes trainings in palliative care intended for all healthcare professionals and professionals of the psychological, social and educational fields. They aim at increasing awareness about palliative care in healthcare organizations.
Haus Omega is a palliative care centre in Hamm.
Omega 90 provides also assistance with the drafting of anticipated directives and offers consultations and accompaniment for persons in mourning.